A new app Surete was launched to target distracted driving

A new app was launched on the market to target the distracted drivers. A technology company Surete designed a device and app combinaton product to eliminate distracted driving by preventing users from using their phone while driving.

Surete, vehicle technology maker, wants to prevent drivers from texting, emailing or using social media while behind the wheel.


The temptation to use the phone while driving is huge, especially in younger drivers. This app locks the smartphones and blocks all applications once the vehicle has started. Users can’t turn off Bluetooth, disable or bypass the app when it’s on.

However, the Surete’s system allows users to make emergency phone calls, access navigation or use other additional apps. But they all have to be pre-approved by the administrator.


“Whether you are using Surete for your teenage driver, fleet team or to protect yourself from distracted driving, we designed it for everyone to stay safe while behind the wheel,” said Jorge Amaro-Mustelier, co-founder of Surete.

The Surete app works only in combination with Surete Relay. It is a device that is directly placed under the hood of the vehicle, connects to the starter fuse and allows the device to sync to the app.

Then it has to get an approval by the administrator so the vehicle can start.  If the driver is not allowed to start the vehicle or if the device does not detect the Surete app, the vehicle will not start.

According to the company, the installation of the device is single and requires no more than five minutes.


Surete is available for purchase for iOS and Android.

It also has a premium version, that allows the administrator to access data for the vehicle. They can see the location of the vehicle, who drove, how fast they drove, how far they drove and a detailed map of the travels of the vehicle.